The Power of Vision

The rainforest of Costa Rica is rich with animals. Without a guide, many tourists trek for hours without seeing anything...and so it is with vision. In order to fully understand where we should look, what we should see, where we should go, what we should do, etc., we must take the time to view the world with God's guidance. Just before leaving for our vision walk to CR we attended the Mental Health and Missions Conference where we met Pastor Orlando. He and his wife are from San Jose, CR, and are in charge of Member Care for hispanic church missionaries. Imagine that! All in God's perfect timing. Once we arrived in country we discovered that our hotel was on the same road as the Centro Metodista. Eighteen years, much change, no address, no phone number...and there it was! Thank you Jesus for giving us clearer vision of your will for our lives.

Prayer and Vision

God answers prayers. Recently we prayed that God would direct us in The Soul Care Project ministry. We have felt a burdened to help develop a member care presence in Central and South America, and decided that we should probably go on a vision walk to Costa Rica. Before the end of that day, He blessed us with flight vouchers to not only go to our Mental Health and Missions Conference, but also enough to go to Costa Rica! Prayer is the first step in seeking his vision for our lives...we have to be willing to listen and to go.

ONE Mission Society Cross-Training

ONE Mission Society Cross-Training prepares missionaries to enter the field. One of the most significant aspects of success is their ability to develop and maintain strong relationships. Jesus modeled these skills, teaching us to stress less and love more. It was an honor to walk along side the newest OMS missionaries and wish them God's blessings as they go out to shine the light.