Peace That Passes Understanding

Michael and Jonathan left this morning to go to Guatemala for a Board Meeting of the Casa Bernabe Orphanage. Before they boarded the plane they evacuated to the lower level to shelter from a tornado. The airport was running on emergency power, as Tropical Storm Lee sent feeder bands of storms and tornadic cells through our area. Nonetheless, they were able to fly out and have safely arrived in Guatemala City. Last year, while they were there, they were awakened in their sleep from an earthquake and witnessed a small volcanic eruption. I was just finishing-up a painting of Volcano Agua, which is near there, and was thinking about the turmoil of this world. Yet, the Holy Spirit fills me with a peace that passes understanding. He gets us through the storms.

Upcoming Needs

This month we will host a missionary family while they receive some soul care. They will be in the area for two weeks; one week they stay at a local beach house (graciously donated by a board member) to get some much needed rest and relaxation. As we prepare to bless this family with some needed respite care, we need your help. First of all, we would appreciate your prayers for this family and those that interact with them during their time here.

As this family will be flying in from a foreign country, they do not have access to their own transportation. If anyone is able to donate a car during the second half of September, please contact Cozy Drake at We also provide groceries and welcome baskets to the missionaries when they arrive, so if you would like to make a donation for groceries or the welcome basket, please contact Cozy.

We appreciate your support and prayers this month!