Ecuador Update

Mike and Shawnea arrived safely at their location in Ecuador.  They had weather delays getting in and had little sleep their first night; however, Shawnea recovered from her illness before they left. 

In their first days a lot has been accomplished, and they can feel God's presence. Please continue to pray for God's blessing on those they serve and on Mike and Shawnea as they minister to others needs. 

God's Timing

On our way to the Mental Health and Missions Conference we received a call from One Mission Society (OMS) requesting a field visit ASAP. We are in the middle of moving to a smaller home, so I have a lot of strategic packing and sorting to do. Going to the conference was already stressing my valuable time budget. At first I panicked, then I remembered my own words that I had repeated so many times; "No this is not a good time to sell a house, but God's timing is perfect." Needless to say those words have proven to be true time and again...why would I questing His timing now? We will travel to South America (in the middle of our move) with the same faith that has brought us this far, "His timing is perfect."

Mental Health and Missions Conference

Michael, Bonnie and Shawnea attended the Mental Health and Missions Conference in Angola, Indiana. Many key member-care providers and researchers attend from around the world. It was an intense time of learning, as well as continuing to develop a strong relationship with this community of dedicated trans-cultural workers.

We're Official!

On the 5th of November, we received some highly anticipated news: The Soul Care Project has been designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity by the IRS.

We praise God for His work in achieving this large step in moving The Soul Care Project forward. If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution, email us at or mail checks to 1417 North Partin Drive, Suite 1, Niceville, FL 32578.

Before We Were Soul Care

Over the past three years, God has placed a call in our hearts to care for missionaries and others around the world who share the light of Jesus.  We have been blessed to work with One Mission Society (OMS) in Mozambique, Africa, and post-earthquake Haiti and have developed a strong relationship with the Casa Bernabe Orphanage in Guatemala.

In Mozambique, Africa, we attended an Every Community for Christ (ECC) conference and individually counseled with missionary attendees as well as ECC pastors and church planters. Also blessed to visit rural churches, we were able to meet and fellowship with many African church members and hear their stories of hope. 
Outside one of the rural churches we visited in Mozambique.

In March 2010, we went to post-earthquake Haiti to assess the well-being of the OMS missionaries. Additionally, a pastor asked for psychological care for several members of his church, which led to a group grief counseling session. We were able to come along side a pastor of of a newly formed church within a tent city and help him to model the Acts 2 church.  
Shawnea and Michael, with Pastor Junior at Dikini tent city.

Casa Bernabe is an orphanage located outside of Guatemala City, Guatemala, that houses around 160 children. In 2008 and 2010, we hosted retreats for the staff of the orphanage. These overnight retreats provided the staff with rest and relaxation as well as education on relevant topics including importance of the Sabbath, positive discipline skills and building unity.

Casa Bernabe Staff Retreat
Michael (right) presenting at the retreat.
We are very excited about the opportunities God has in store for us with this ministry. For more information on any of our past trips, feel free to e-mail us at